“The Sojourn” is an eye catching first person puzzle game coming in March 2019 for PC, Xbox, and PS4. The project is being developed by Shifting Tides Studio and I am proud to be part of the team as Audio Manager. “The Sojourn” was honored the Indie Arena’s “Best Unreal Engine Game” at Games Com 2018. Here you can listen to the music I composed for this game’s trailer.

Linn is a 2D platformer with a unique artwork which tries to give player experience of discovering a dynamic environment in a touch-based game. It is a premium game in development for mobile platforms in which I did music and sound design for. I am very proud to announce that this game was nominated for many competitions such as Indie Prize London 2018, Indigo Showcase in dutch Game Garden 2018, Dream Hack 2018 and won AppLovin Grand Prize in Casual Connect London 2018.


I am currently working as the sound designer of the lovely game, “Children of Morta”, which is a narrative-based roguelike hack’n slash game for PC, Mac and Linux that will involve you in the adventures of a family.
Since the corruption of the god of Mount Morta, his rage and anger has turned all the creatures into sick, furious monsters. The Bergson family, guardians of Mount Morta, live in their house at the mountain side. They try to reach the peak of the cursed mountain to find out what happened to its god and how they can change his doomed fate!
This game is being developed by Dead Mage

Sound Design and SFX by: Nemo Ghasemi

Memoranda is a point and click adventure game with magic realism elements that tells the story of a young lady who gradually realizes she is forgetting her own name. Is she really losing her memory or is there something else that could explain the strange circumstances?

The story happens in a quiet little town where a few ordinary and strange characters live together. Including a World War II surviving soldier to an elephant taking shelter in a man’s cottage hoping to become a human. There is one thing all these characters have in common: they are losing something. It could be a name, a husband or even someone’s sanity!

The story is inspired by various Haruki Murakami short stories that describe a surreal world full of lonely characters.

Memoranda will be published on Steam & GOG on 25th of January.